Islamic studies generally refers to the historical study of Islam: Islami-c civilization, Islamic history, Islami-c law, and Islami-c philosophy. It includes all the traditional forms of religious thought, such as Islami-c theology and fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence).Academics from diverse disciplines participate and exchange ideas about Islami-c societies.

Islamic Education:

A lifelong pursuit of learning is a characteristic ideal of Islami-c piety. It underlies the concept of “Islami-c” education. While the primary focus of this concept is the nurturing of religious belief in the individual, its scope broadened to incorporate various secular disciplines, literary and scientific, as it aimed at developing within the community fully integrated personalities, grounded in the virtues of Islam. This approach relates to the theory and practice of both primary and higher education. It is evident not only in the Quran and the literature of Prophetic Tradition (hadith), but also in countless proverbs, aphorisms, and wisdom sayings; and in poetry and prose texts of the Middle Eastern literatures including, in particular, the numerous  Arabic works devoted to pedagogical  issues.

Islamic Education

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    By: Luqman Nagy

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    By: Maulvi Abdul Aziz

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