Aqeeda means belief, but when we speak about Aqeeda, we are talking about belief in Allah or principle of faith. It has to do with belief with Allah. Belief in Allah also means belief in whatever has been conveyed to us, and it also includes belief in Rasoolullah(S.A.W). And belief in whatever he Prophet Muhammed(S.A.W) has conveyed.




The word fiqh is an Arabic term meaning “deep understanding” or “full comprehension”. Technically it refers to the body of Islamic law extracted from detailed Islamic sources (which are studied in the principles of Islamic jurisprudence) and the process of gaining knowledge of Islam through jurisprudence.A man will be resurrected on the Day of Judgement, and will be shown his deeds which will be written on scrolls and each scroll, None has the Right to be Worshiped but Allah Alone. A statement which this man made from his heart with sincerity, conviction and faith, and so this statement will outweigh and surpass all of the scrolls.”Saheeh – Narrated by At-Tirmidhi (2639) and Ibn Majaah (4300)


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