Al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali ibn Abi Tâlib His Life and Times

Al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali ibn Abi Tâlib


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by Ali M. Sallabi (Author),‎ Huda Khattab (Editor),‎ Nasiruddin Khattab (Translator)

Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH)

Binding: Hardcover

A detailed biography of al-Hasan ibn ‘Ali (ra), a role model for youth and adults alike. Al-Hasan was brought up under the guidance of his grandfather, the Messenger of Allah (bpuh), along with his noble parents Fâtimah az-Zahrâ’ and ‘Ali ibn Abi Tâlib (may Allah be pleased with them both). The life of Hasan (may Allah be pleased with him) sets an example for all Muslims, especially our Muslim leaders



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