Khushoo Humility & Devotion in Prayer

Khushoo Humility & Devotion in Prayer


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Author: Muhammad Saliah Al-Munajjid

Publisher: International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH) 1999

Pages: 80

Binding: Paperback

Description from the publisher: 

Salah (daily prayer) is the greatest practical pillar of Islam and khushoo (concentration) in salah is required by Islam. Khushoo means calmness, concentration, humility, and bring present-minded while performing prayers. Fear of Allah (swt) is the most important cause of khushoo as one always thinks that Allah is always watching over him. Making the heart submissive and humble before Allah (swt) is one of the most important causes of khushoo, because if a heart is corrupted by the insinuating whispers of Satan the acts of the body faculties will also be corrupt. Part of khushoo is to be submissive and humbling oneself out of the fear of God.



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